#MyWildCity icons

Icons designed using Adobe Illustrator for #MyWildCity project for Avon Wildlife Trust. 

12 designed in total, the above are for My Wild Allotment, My Wild Church, My Wild Neighbourhood, My Wild School. 

I also designed an E-Newsletter for the same project using the icons.

Bird's Eye View Magazine


Pages from Bird's Eye View magazine that I designed for BirdLife Malta. 

In the second spread 'Ir-Ramla' I also wrote the article and took the photos.

Vote LE

Photography, graphic design and T-Shirt design for BirdLife Malta 'Shout' campaign to vote NO in the Maltese 2015 Referendum against bird hunting in Spring.

Short-toed Eagle

Painting for the design for this years Raptor Camp T-shirt for BirdLife Malta. 

See this blog post to find out more about why the Short-toed Eagle was chosen as the face for this years camp.


Yelkouan shearwater, Scopoli's shearwater and Storm petrel - the three species being studied for the Malta Seabird Project . I've painted these for part of BirdLife Malta's seabird display at the Malta National Aquarium. I managing the seabird blog for the team and sometimes they let me come out and night with the seabirds - which is awesome and definitely my favourite thing I've been doing here in Malta.

Yellows and whites

It's been a while. Here are some butterflies I painted for work, currently I am working for BirdLife Malta, having a great time and learning lots and I've finally found an excuse to do some illustration for them. A butterfly ID section for the new members magazine I'm designing.

Been outdoors too much

So I've not been making much new work, as I've been on a conservation placement with Avon Wildlife Trust. This plus studying for a conservation qualification and unfortunately also having to earn actual money means I've had litte time.

I have instead been sketching wildflowers and taking photos ellabeeson.wordpress.com

Here are a couple of comissions I have managed to do over the past few months though.

Cornish Chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax)


Beartown pumpclips

I've designed a set of pump clips for the brilliant Beartown Brewery, the beers should be available in pubs and on bottles one at a time from March this year. Really fun project to work on....

Pale Zesty Bear

Working on some more bear illustrations for beers, for Beartown brewery. This is a bear taster.

My top 10 animals of Nosy Be

1-Brookesia stumpffi

2-Furcifer pardalis

3-Brookesia minima

4-Uroplatus henkeli

5-Paradise Flycatcher

6-Eulemur macaco


8-Giant tortoise

9-Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis


Chameleons get the first 3 spots, as they are the most interesting creature ever. They colour change to show mood, vibrate, fake death, swivel their eyes round, grope the air upwards like they want a hug and have the expresions of grumpy old men.

Unsung show

Bath School of Art and Design graduates will be exhibiting at:
Brick Lane Gallery Annexe
93-95 Sclater Street, London

Tuesday 28th of June - Monday 4th of July

Private views:
Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th June, 6pm - 8.30pm

Bowerbird prints

Prints of Bowerbirds and Bowers that are available up at the Bath School of Art and Design Degree Show at the moment. Open untill Wednesday (10 - 5) Sion Hill, Lansdown

Bowerbird book

Cover and a selections of spreads from the Bowerbird book I made.

Bowerbirds have a taste in art. The males build art galleries (bowers) to display treasures, which they tend obsessively. The females tour these bowers and choose a male to mate with based on an aesthetic decision.

25 birds

My submission for the 25 Black Swan Gallery project, but it developed 
into a book on Bowerbirds. This is me trying to paint really quickly...

Hello Zebra

I just really love how pink and orange look together. Though i think i might be alone in this.


I've been working in the delightful old man's pub the star for about a year so have been reading a lot of beer tasting notes so I thought I'd make some 'bearmats' based on some common beer types. This is also my self promotional professional context project.


One of the things I'm working on at the moment is a book on Bower birds, here are some fellows that might make an appearance in it. Hopefully will have a range of types of drawings though.