#MyWildCity icons

Icons designed using Adobe Illustrator for #MyWildCity project for Avon Wildlife Trust. 

12 designed in total, the above are for My Wild Allotment, My Wild Church, My Wild Neighbourhood, My Wild School. 

I also designed an E-Newsletter for the same project using the icons.

Bird's Eye View Magazine


Pages from Bird's Eye View magazine that I designed for BirdLife Malta. 

In the second spread 'Ir-Ramla' I also wrote the article and took the photos.

Vote LE

Photography, graphic design and T-Shirt design for BirdLife Malta 'Shout' campaign to vote NO in the Maltese 2015 Referendum against bird hunting in Spring.

Short-toed Eagle

Painting for the design for this years Raptor Camp T-shirt for BirdLife Malta. 

See this blog post to find out more about why the Short-toed Eagle was chosen as the face for this years camp.


Yelkouan shearwater, Scopoli's shearwater and Storm petrel - the three species being studied for the Malta Seabird Project . I've painted these for part of BirdLife Malta's seabird display at the Malta National Aquarium. I managing the seabird blog for the team and sometimes they let me come out and night with the seabirds - which is awesome and definitely my favourite thing I've been doing here in Malta.

Yellows and whites

It's been a while. Here are some butterflies I painted for work, currently I am working for BirdLife Malta, having a great time and learning lots and I've finally found an excuse to do some illustration for them. A butterfly ID section for the new members magazine I'm designing.

Been outdoors too much

So I've not been making much new work, as I've been on a conservation placement with Avon Wildlife Trust. This plus studying for a conservation qualification and unfortunately also having to earn actual money means I've had litte time.

I have instead been sketching wildflowers and taking photos ellabeeson.wordpress.com

Here are a couple of comissions I have managed to do over the past few months though.

Cornish Chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax)


Beartown pumpclips

I've designed a set of pump clips for the brilliant Beartown Brewery, the beers should be available in pubs and on bottles one at a time from March this year. Really fun project to work on....

Pale Zesty Bear

Working on some more bear illustrations for beers, for Beartown brewery. This is a bear taster.

My top 10 animals of Nosy Be

1-Brookesia stumpffi

2-Furcifer pardalis

3-Brookesia minima

4-Uroplatus henkeli

5-Paradise Flycatcher

6-Eulemur macaco


8-Giant tortoise

9-Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis


Chameleons get the first 3 spots, as they are the most interesting creature ever. They colour change to show mood, vibrate, fake death, swivel their eyes round, grope the air upwards like they want a hug and have the expresions of grumpy old men.

Unsung show

Bath School of Art and Design graduates will be exhibiting at:
Brick Lane Gallery Annexe
93-95 Sclater Street, London

Tuesday 28th of June - Monday 4th of July

Private views:
Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th June, 6pm - 8.30pm

Bowerbird prints

Prints of Bowerbirds and Bowers that are available up at the Bath School of Art and Design Degree Show at the moment. Open untill Wednesday (10 - 5) Sion Hill, Lansdown

Bowerbird book

Cover and a selections of spreads from the Bowerbird book I made.

Bowerbirds have a taste in art. The males build art galleries (bowers) to display treasures, which they tend obsessively. The females tour these bowers and choose a male to mate with based on an aesthetic decision.

25 birds

My submission for the 25 Black Swan Gallery project, but it developed 
into a book on Bowerbirds. This is me trying to paint really quickly...

Hello Zebra

I just really love how pink and orange look together. Though i think i might be alone in this.