It's Woodlands!

We went on a trip to the woods (we being out graphics year) and it was lovely to wonder in the woods with wooly hats on, havent done enough of that sort of thing since leaving Devon. Anyway I decided that mushrooms are really cool and today I discovered that Beatrix Potter was an expert in Mycology (the study of fungi) as well as being a well good illustrator.

Some of Beatrix Potters mushroom watercolours, of 270 that she did:


  1. Those are beautiful photographs Miss Ella.

    Beatrix Potter was obviously even cooler than I thought!

  2. Wow what a talented lady ms potter was, those water colours are beautiful! And love your photographs x

  3. (in case you don't get this response on my blog)

    hehe good spy work! yep we met once, jon's my bro (in law). not living in bath but certainly visiting lots!